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Here I’ll post the odd makeup tutorial as well as posting things for my podcasts when the situation calls for it.  Subscribe if you’re interested!

Here are the podcasts I produce all by my lonesome or with friends:

Genuinely Obsessed

On this podcast, host Sarah AKA OtherBlueGirl is just a fangirl, standing in front of Genuinely Obsessedfandom, asking it to love her. Formerly Famished and Feasting, OBG decided to kick that format and just have free-form discussions about the things she’s obsessed about, with the same level of enthusiasm you know and (hopefully) love!

On iTunes: Genuinely Obsessed

On Pippa: Genuinely Obsessed

On Twitter @GenuinePod #OBGWatches

Lattes at Luke’s: A Gilmore Girls Podcast

On this podcast, my friend Tricia and I discuss each and every episode of Gilmore Girls and LattesLuke'sits revival, A Year in the Life, because we love this show, you idiots!

On iTunes: Lattes at Luke’s

On Pippa: Lattes at Luke’s

On Twitter @At_Lukes #LLPod

On Facebook: Lattes at Luke’s

On Instagram: lattesatlukes

Here are the podcasts I am a part of:

The Detective, the Doctor, and the Woman

On what was originally going to be a Sherlock Holmes podcast, join me and my two awesome cohosts Rachel and Tricia as we discuss BBC’s Sherlock, CBS’s Elementary, BBC’s ElementaryQuoteOrphan Black and SyFy’s Wynonna Earp, all of which share those three titular aspects.  More to be added!

On iTunes: The Detective, the Doctor, and the Woman

On Pippa: The Detective, the Doctor, and the Woman

On Twitter @DDWCast


Wonking Out:

Wonking OutThis is just three friends hanging out on Skype (because curse long distances) and discussing whatever topic tickles our fancy!

On iTunes: Wonking Out

On Pippa: Wonking Out

On Twitter @WonkingOut


Here are the podcasts I have contributed to:

RETold: A History Podcast (Kinda), Hosted by Becca Eller

In this episode, Becca and I discussed the CW series Reign and its rather interesting take on the early years and reigns of Mary, Queen of Scots.  In turn, Becca came onto Lay Back and discussed the sixth episode of Downton Abbey, series one.

Link to Podcast Episode: Sarah and Becca talk about Reign

Amanda’s Picture Show A-Go-Go

In this episode, I join a panel of LadyPodSquad contributors including host Amanda to discuss the Christmas(?) action movie classic, Die Hard!

Link to Podcast Episode: Die Hard